Opening Up And Finding My Voice… At Last. By @MutteringMummy

Published October 12, 2013 by manysmallvoices

Opening Up

Opening Up And Finding My Voice… At last.



What would you do if the person you loved hit you?
What would you do if the person you loved verbally abused you on a daily basis?
What would you do if the person you loved dictated who you could speak to and where you worked?
What would you do if the person you loved made you dinner and then smashed the plate over your head because you didn’t eat it quick enough?
What would you do if the person you loved dragged you through the house by the hair because they didn’t want you sitting on the back doorstep?
What would you do if the person you loved smashed your phone so you couldn’t phone for help when they locked you in the house?
What would you do if the person you loved told you it would be your fault if they had to find another partner and abused them because you had split up with them?
What would you do if the person you loved wouldn’t listen when you told them no when they initiated sex with you?

I always said that I would leave anyone who abused me. I would leave them the very first time that they did it and I would never go back. I was wrong.

It took me 2 years and a lot of heartache to get out of that relationship but I DID IT!! It took a long time for me to trust anyone else not to hurt me. I feel very lucky and honoured that I can now call the one I trusted my husband.

Thanks for reading xx

First publish here on 4th August 2013 by @MutteringMummy


We are looking for your stories of abuse to feature. Many small voices make one LOUD voice. 

Domestic abuse damages in whatever form  and here at Many Small Voices we hope to gather the stories of those who have survived abuse into one resource to help and support those who are still victims. We also hope to support survivors through recovery once the abuse has stopped because the scars are still there and will remain forever. Support after abuse is just as important.

We are not experts, just people who are passionate that domestic abuse, in whatever form it takes, must be stopped.

If you think you or someone you know needs help please take a look in our links page to find a list of organisations that strive to help support victims of abuse.

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