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You Abusive Partner Doesn’t Have A Problem With His Anger; He Has A Problem With Your Anger.


Abuse happens in all kinds of relationships, though abusers are often men and victims are often women, we know very well that this is not always the case.


We are looking for your stories of abuse to feature. Many small voices make one LOUD voice.

Domestic abuse damages in whatever form and here at Many Small Voices we hope to gather the stories of those who have survived abuse into one resource to help and support those who are still victims. We also hope to support survivors through recovery once the abuse has stopped because the scars are still there and will remain forever. Support after abuse is just as important.

We are not experts, just people who are passionate that domestic abuse, in whatever form it takes, must be stopped.

If you think you or someone you know needs help please take a look in our links page to find a list of organisations that strive to help support victims of abuse.


A network committed to speaking out about domestic abuse and offering support. Many small voices can make one big voice.

6 thoughts on “You Abusive Partner Doesn’t Have A Problem With His Anger; He Has A Problem With Your Anger.

  1. I never, ever, looked at it this way but you are spot on. When in an abusive relationship you are not “permitted” to be angry.

  2. WOW! This is exactly what took place in my relationship. He expected me to remain calm at all times and when I could no longer control my emotions, he looked at me as if I were this deranged person. He told me I needed help, that I was sick. This information has released me from the internal prision I have been held in for the past 10 years.

  3. I’ve spent countless hours online researching how to help my children who are being manipulated, lied to, showing all of the symptoms of being alienated from me and myself as I am still being subjected to his abuse. Of the many websites I’ve visited yours is by far the most helpful. I feel as though every story has been written about my life, and it’s wonderful to know I’m not alone (or crazy, stupid, irrational.) Thank you for helping me to feel sane again, I added you to my “favorites” and will continue to read. If you know of any tools that may help my 11 and 14 year old please share. As I step back and realize they will eventually look back on this and see the truth I am absolutely heartbroken that their father has chosen his anger and revenge as his priority. No child deserves this. Thank you so much!

    1. Thabks for you comment! I’m pleased that what we post here is helping you, just one person helped is a positive thing. Take care and look after you too. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. I am in the worst part of a divorce with someone who has smeared his crap all over me on facebook amd elsewhere. I am extremely pissed off and not always proud of my reactions. This man is trying to destoy me in every sense of the word, and he has a low life cyber mob doing his dirty work for him now that i called him out. I have had enough. I am persona non grata in town. My efforts to find a position locally have been foiled at every turn. Everytime I turn around its a new affront . But i still refuse to lower myself to exposing him because his behavior has been egregious. Which is probably why he was so busy preparing the preemptive strikes. Ironically, I never would have found out about his “unsavory” antics if not for the suddden attack on facebook. I think he wanted me to find out and was frustrated that i was so trusting and willing to give him space. I am not sure he has a personality disorder , but we all have traits. I felt very vindictive and bitter but this guy i know said , “the only way you can beat your enemy is to love them.” I think he may be on to something. I like me a lot better since I have considered his approach and I am adopting it as best I can .

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